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 Born in Singapore in 1983 as Cheryl Chen Pin Hui, Cheryl's passion for fine art and furniture started brewing at a very young age. It was through her parents, who owned and operated a gallery and a furniture shop, where she developed a love for interior design. She was obsessed with altering the furniture layout in her room - often waking up in the middle of the night to move things around.


Armed with a Diploma with Merit after 3 years of studying Interior Architecture and Design in Singapore, Cheryl worked a couple of years as an Interior Designer. She then went on to further her studies in Sydney and graduated with a Bachelor with Honors in Interior Architecture.


Whilst living in Sydney, Cheryl discovered a new love for the arts and design. She was hooked on making architectural models and small pieces of artwork. It was her way of "being expressive and having fun while being terribly meticulous". In 2010, an unplanned trip to Tokyo changed her life. She watched quietly for minutes as millions of white feathers floated in a completely white space. It was Tokujin Yoshioka's "The Snow" installation. The sound, the lack of colour, the space, the textures - it truly blew her mind. When she finally returned to Singapore, she wanted to do so much more.


Before devoting a majority of her time to art in 2012, Cheryl designed the new interiors of Suntec Singapore, a 34,000m² exhibition and convention center in the heart of Singapore - a design that has been lauded for its effective simplicity and creative quirkiness.


Admitting to being somewhat of a control freak and slightly ocd, Cheryl loves working with numbers - counting keeps her in check. The number 8 is often included, just because "for the Chinese, 8 is a lucky number". Obsessed with straight lines and three dimensional linear shapes, her canvases are filled with strong textural strokes and depth. She simply refuses to use a paintbrush, and instead paints with pen knives and industrial metal rulers. Her works are often meticulously measured and plotted out in Autocad before they reach the canvas. Beauty is in the detail(s). She has a mild habit of stalking her prey, i.e : ants, and collecting personal artifacts for future pieces of artwork that she hasn't even begun to think about.


Today, Cheryl lives in the Netherlands. The artwork that is featured in her catalogue has been produced in Sydney, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, while most of her photographs were taken during her gallivants. Living the dream of traveling and soaking up the world through her unusual perspective, Cheryl is just at the beginning of her journey. 

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